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Brand Builders Digital Media Agency was formed in early 2020 by two visionaries who have a desire to help businesses, whether small or large, with building their online presence through strategic marketing. We focus on making sure your brand is fluid across all online platforms. Including your website, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. All other platforms are considered as well. We believe a consistent message with a strategic plan in mind will drive new customers to your website or physical location resulting in more sales. 


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Dean Schanbaum has spent his life creating and telling stories about his clients and their company's. Known as both a creative and technical video maker, has earned him and his team, Emmy Awards & International Telly Awards. He is a self-taught content creator, wearing the hats of producer, editor, director and media trainer.


He has worked with companies like Nikon Sport Optics,

and Outdoor Channel on a national level and locally in San Antonio as the TV Show senior producer of Trophy Hunters TV, where he moved the show from number 49 to number 6 on the Outdoor Channel rankings.


Dean has now turned his focus to social media marketing campaigns for local businesses who are finding their way onto Facebook and Instagram to advertise and grow their customer base. Since video has now become the main way to grab the attention of the online consumers. Dean is well suited in the position as co-founder of Brand Builders Digital Media Agency.  


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Dean Schanbaum



Shannon Webb


Shannon Webb is a God inspired individual that has worked as an office manager, paralegal assistant, and blogger, while learning all the ins and outs of business management. She is a self-taught computer software instructor, Zoom meeting leader, tech teacher, content creator, social media marketer and problem solver. Plus, she continues to make time for her passion with writing and photography. 


While she may be new to the photography scene, she does have a natural eye for capturing just the right shot for any occasion. Whether it’s photos of a new product reveal, headshots for business cards, profile pictures for social media or corporate parties. Shannon is focused on your needs. 

Shannon has turned her experience in business management into creating audience driven content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms, helping local businesses grow their revenue. Shannon is well suited to her position as co-founder of Brand Builders Digital Media Agency.

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Story of the Hawk

You're asking, we're telling!  Why we put the hawk in our logo?

The  hawk represents courage, truth, perspective and a renewed self-awareness. Use the hawk as a spirit-guide with their keen eyesight to provide you with new insight on your path forward. 


When you see a hawk, it’s telling you to take flight in your own life, to take inventory of exactly where you are today. To find courage in the next steps in your business and in your personal life. Taking a higher-perspective in your situation and finding the truth and the wisdom to do better than before and allow your better angels to guide you.